Luobofield started in 2013 when we began to see too many companies struggling to find the right, quality manufacturers for their purposes. Quality issues, excessive prices, unhealthy materials, and un-reliable testing reports were common, putting consumers and businesses at risk.
Within our network were many truthful manufacturers offering quality and value for money. Thus, we started to connect the right dots from start-ups and brands and institutions to manufacturers all over the world. Today, we continue to value our essential role in the search for the right manufacturer, the number one challenge for most companies.
We call ourselves a trading service company because we connect the right dots, serving our customers by offering custom-made manufacturing solutions.
To find the best, qualified manufacturers for your product or ideas, you must invest time and effort. Fortunately, communication is much easier nowadays, as most manufacturers make an effort to communicate with their customers. Prioritization of communication has definitely made the logistics of manufacturing much easier, and we can imagine that you feel you are in control.
However, we continue to discover the same problems as back in the day. If you have little background knowledge of production and the manufacturer who produces your products, you may end up with major problems. We can help you to avoid these problems.
We utilize our long-term relationships with exclusive, professional factories to customize our services to your needs. We will assist you throughout the process – from sourcing to production and delivery – regardless of your product category. With our expertise, you will save on overhead costs and can focus on building your brand and company.

Our Mission

It is our mission to connect the right dots in the world of manufacturing by providing superior supply chain solutions. Our services prevent our clients from wasting time and costs on sourcing issues, while benefitting from supply chain solutions to achieve their goals and grow their brand.

Our Vision

Finding the right sourcing partner requires excellent communication skills and understanding of cultural backgrounds. We believe that, when you invest sufficient time, you will find the best solution for your needs, but immersing oneself in a foreign manufacturing culture is incredibly time-consuming. This obstacle demonstrates why it is vital to trust in the services of a partner who understands the market and worldwide cultures of manufacturing.

Core values

Our name explained

Our company name, Luobofield, may be difficult to pronounce because it is named after our founder, Dutchman Robert Jan Grasveld. The first part of the name is a translation of his first name ‘Robert’ to Chinese [Luōbó]. Field is the second part of his surname Grasveld, in English translated to Grassfield, resulting in the name Luobofield.
We chose the color orange, because when you pronounce Luōbó incorrectly, you will say carrot in Chinese. We can assure you that Robert Jan introduced himself many times as Mr. Carrot!

What Our Clients Say

“At Far East we have many partners, Luobofield stands out as they deliver what they promise in the agreed timeline line. We work with them on agent basis for large scale projects. The Luobofield team works very efficient, meeting our fast communication requirements. The quality control services are well documented and suitable for our internal processing.”

Tako Mulder

COO Medstone
“Luobofield is our key partner for product sourcing in Asia. We love to work with them because of their eye for details and on time delivery for an affordable price. Because they 100% deliver what they promise, we can make our promise to our retail customers.”
Maarten Wolff
Managing Partner West Coast Supply Group
“Luobofield is doing part of our procurement since 2015. They are very detailed orientated during their QC work and order following up. They are our eyes in the factories and will make sure we only receive good quality products in the USA”.
Marc Bell
USA based serial entrepreneur
“We started working with Luobofield with developing new giftboxes and a new product category within our jewellery brand. Because of their deep understanding on both product categories and supplier network we are able to focus on building our brand without headaches from production issues. Whenever issues arises, Luobofield solve them effectively.”

Jerry Boot

Founder Jewellery brand Rebel & Rose
“I have worked with Luobofield since 2015 when we had production issues with our Chinese manufacturer. Due their expertise we had set new quality standards and our problems were solved. Till today they organize our supply chain and it’s a great pleasure working with them.”
Jan-Willem Elkhuizen
Managing Director , Dutch Koala BV
“Luobofield helped me with the production of several high quantity orders.

The team has the definition of “getting the job done, on time !” I’ve visited 30 suppliers and sourcing offices in China myself: Luobofield was by far the best in quality, price and service. The default is great quality at Luobofield. Highly recommendable for all trading enquiries.

Whenever I have a project in China, Luobofield is the first company I call.”
Sjoerd Bos
founder TWC, The Water Company, Forbes 30 under 30 Europe
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