With a personal touch, we connect the dots and we get things done. We solve supply chain issues, so you can built your brand.

“It’s our mission to connect the dots in the world of manufacturing by providing superior supply chain solutions. Our services enable our clients without worrying about the manufactory issues to achieve their goals and growth their brand.”


“It’s our vision that even with today’s communication channels we still have the right to exist. We believe human interaction is most important to get a deep understanding of each other needs if you are not from the same cultural background in the world of manufacturing.”


Back in 2013 and till today there is a gap to full-fill to connect the dots of start-ups and brands from all over the world with their manufacturing issues.

We call ourselves a trading service company, because we connect the dots by offering a wide range of services related to manufacturing. We do sourcing and production, supply chain management, quality controls and logistics for a wide range of clientele in different product categories around the world.

Our company got a bit of a weird name which is difficult to pronounce because it’s named after the founder. He thought it should be funny to translate his Dutch first name Robert to Chinese [Luōbó]. Field is part of his Dutch family name Grasveld. Luobofield.

We choose the colour orange, because if you pronounce [Luōbó] incorrect, you will say carrot in Chinese. We can ensure you that Robert Jan introduced himself many times as mr. Carrot… Lol.

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